FODMAP App for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome


FoodMaestro has collaborated with King’s College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust to create a new app to help people with IBS whose Registered Dietitian has recommended that they follow a low FODMAP* diet: A key feature of the new app is the ability to quickly and easily find suitable foods to eat from over 30,000 ingredients and 100,000 products in leading UK supermarkets. The FODMAP by FM app is free to download on IOS and android for 14 days, with a £3.99 annual subscription thereafter.



The initiative, driven by Dr Miranda Lomer MBE (Senior Consultant Dietitian, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust and King's College London) and Prof Kevin Whelan (Professor of Dietetics, King’s College London), provides a tool to benefit both dietitians and patients to manage a low FODMAP diet effectively.


IBS is a chronic functional bowel disorder that affects around 1 in 10 adults in the UK. Dietary triggers are difficult to identify but clinical research has shown that some carbohydrates (FODMAPs) may contribute to bowel symptoms in IBS. FODMAPs are Fermentable Oligo-saccharides, Disaccharides, Mono-saccharides and Polyols and are contained in a wide range of foods including wheat products, onion, garlic products and some fruits and vegetables.


“Clinical trials have shown that avoiding foods that contain FODMAPs is one of the best dietary approaches to alleviate IBS symptoms. Many different foods contain FODMAPs and so the app will help people with IBS to identify suitable foods when in the supermarket.” comments Professor Kevin Whelan.


“The FoodMaestro FODMAP app follows our three stage process to manage and track the patient’s symptoms; this has been carefully planned with guidance on which foods can be included and what quantities. In Stage 1 you restrict high FODMAP foods and include suitable low FODMAP alternatives; Stage 2 is where you reintroduce high FODMAP foods using food challenges; and Stage 3 is all about self-management and setting your included and excluded foods based on your food challenge results.” says Dr Miranda Lomer.



The new FoodMaestro FODMAP app allows health professionals and consumers to:

  • Easily follow all stages of a low FODMAP diet using an intuitive design with short video clips
  • Share information between the patient and their dietitian
  • Record and track symptoms during each stage
  • Consumption moderation warnings for specific foods
  • Discover which food products can be eaten
  • Scan food product bar codes to check suitability
  • Access portion guidance for specific foods
  • Create a personalised dietary profile


You can download the FODMAP app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

You can also visit  or follow them on Twitter @FoodmaestroUK


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