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Constant Saturation of Magnetization Transfer in clinical MR relaxometry
Background: The contrast on an MRI image is affected by many factors, but most significantly the tissue ‘relaxation’ times. Standard radiology practice is to make MR images with different contrasts to be interpreted by a radiologist. Modern quantitative MRI seeks instead to measure relaxation times to enable precision diagnosis reconstruction. The...
Published: 28/05/2024   |   Inventor(s): Rui Pedro Azeredo Gomes Teixeira, Joseph Hajnal, Shaihan Malik
Category(s): Medical devices
Active guide wire and device decoupling with parallel transmit MRI
Background: Image guided intravascular interventions are used to diagnose/treat a wide range of conditions. For cardiac applications they require devices to be inserted via a major vessel (e.g. in the groin) that are then steered through the patient’s vasculature to the heart. This may require guidewires and plastic/metal mesh catheters to...
Published: 28/05/2024   |   Inventor(s): Shaihan Malik, Joseph Hajnal, Francesco Padormo, Felipe Godinez
Category(s): Medical devices, Diagnostics
Virtual Reality in MRI
Improving the experience of MR Imaging subjects Briefly the innovation is a patient-controlled VR system to allow the scanning subject to control by eye movements a virtual environment. There are items displayed in the virtual world which correspond to the sounds made by an MRI scanner during its operation and the feeling of the patient table going...
Published: 28/05/2024   |   Inventor(s): Joseph Hajnal, Kun Qian, Tomoki Arichi
Category(s): Medical devices